Electronic Voting is now open.  This year all of the Director positions are running unopposed so there will be no ballot to vote for Directors.

However, the Board of Directors have made several recommended changes to the Bylaws which need to be voted on by the Membership to be implemented. Please review the proposed changes/additions/deletions to the Bylaws at this LINK.   You may review the current Bylaws HERE

The Link to Vote is: http://arffwg.org/poll/2015-proposed-bylaw-changes/   Voting is open from July 16, 2015 through September 1, 2015.  Only members in good standing can vote including Individual Civilian/Military, Organization (Index/ICAO), Supporting Organization, Sustaining, Honorary and Legend.  Associate Members do not have voting privileges.

Welcome to Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Working Group

The Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Working Group (ARFFWG) is a non-profit international organization dedicated to the sharing of Aircraft Rescue &Fire Fighting (ARFF) information between airport firefighters, municipal fire departments, and all others concerned with aircraft fire fighting. With membership participation from around the world, your membership is welcomed. Join us now! To learn about the different membership options and the benefits that are extended to you as a member of the ARFFWG, please click here.

We do not collect any personal information from you by deceptive means through hidden scripts, but at times this site will use cookies to enhance the navigation, and to add functionality.

The FORUM:  If you are an ARFF Working Group Member, just log on using your user name and password.  Membership is not required to register on the FORUM, but we hope that the information you gain from our site will encourage you to become a member.  Feel free to contact any of the Management Team members if you have any questions or comments.


Check out this PROMO for the 26th Annual ARFF Working Group Conference & Educational Symposium September 14-17, 2015 – 26th Annual  - Downtown Hilton Hotel – Atlanta, GA.  Don’t Miss this Educational Opportunity!  Click HERE for additional information.

January 25-28, 2016  — ARFF Chiefs & Leadership School  – Westin Hotel – Orlando, Florida – Check back for additional information.

May  24-27, 2016International Water Rescue Workshop – Boston, MA – Check out this LINK.  Additional information will be posted to the “Conference” page shortly.