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Title Firefighter
Location Wake Island, HI
Job Information

Company Hiring:

Chugach Federal Solutions, Inc.

Summary/General Description of Job:

Controls and extinguishes fires. The firefighter may drive a vehicle to scene of fire when necessary. For aircraft fires: Positions vehicle considering such factors as wind direction, sources of water, hazards from falling structures, and location of armaments or other aircraft; maneuvers the vehicle to keep the fire in optimum range while ensuring that back flash will not occur. For structural fires: Operates pumps, foam generators, boom and ground sweeps nozzles, and other similar equipment; determines proper pressures for the distances to be pumped and the number of lines being used; maintains a constant awareness of water levels in self-contained tanks and warns hand line and rescue man when tanks are close to running dry. Uses a variety of special protective gear for emergency operations; performs daily preventive maintenance inspection of vehicle and equipment. Performs minor maintenance such as fluid level checks and replenish as required, and draining and flushing tanks when necessary, and otherwise ensuring that all equipment is in serviceable condition.

Job Requirements (Education, Experience, Professional Associations):


 High school diploma or equivalent

 Three (3) years’ experience controlling or extinguishing fires as a member of an organized

military, industrial, volunteer, or governmental fire department or brigade

 Certified Firefighter I/II                                         (DoD, PROBOARD, or IFSAC)

 Hazardous Materials Awareness/Operations     (DoD, PROBOARD, or, IFSAC)

 Certified Driver Operator – Pumper                     (DoD, PROBOARD, or, IFSAC)

 Certified Driver Operator – ARFF                         (DoD, PROBOARD, or, IFSAC)

 Mobile Water Supply (MWS)                                 (DoD, PROBOARD, or, IFSAC)

 Certified Airport Firefighter                                   (DoD, PROBOARD, or, IFSAC)

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Title Fire Instructor
Job Information

Our strengths: Pro-active team members

We are looking for a self-motivated, dynamic and professional fulltime Germany based:


Strategic Fire Solutions (SFS)

As an international operating company, SFS offers clients total solutions in all areas of fire protection. SFS not only advises governments, fire services and companies within the petrochemical and aviation industries but also implements individual tailored training courses either at our client’s base or at one of our cooperating training centers worldwide. Trainers and consultants are our company’s most important resource. Together with your knowledge, expertise and dedicated involvement you will be a part of our dynamic team and will help to continue the trust for our clients and take the business success of SFS to the next level.

Your next career move should be strategic!

Who you are

With at least ten years’ experience as a firefighter, five of which will have been performing fire service instructor duties, you will be able to put your interpersonal skills, firefighting and fire prevention expertise to
use in an international context. You have an aviation and/or industrial Fire Fighting background and will be familiar with NFPA, OSHA and other international training standards and will be able to conduct
presentations confidently and with good English skills. Not only will you be mentally and physically fit in accordance with fire service regulations and in possession of a SCBA certificate, but you will also be business
fit, with an ability to work under pressure, use your self-initiative, have a disciplined and methodical work ethic and you will be open to work in different countries and cultures.

What you will be doing

  • Develop training programs and/ or utilizing developed course materials based on the client’s needs
  • Perform instructional sessions worldwide -at the client’s location or in cooperation with our training-center-alliance (TCA) facilities
  • Manage basic resources, records and reports essential to the instructional process
  • Assemble course materials necessary for instruction
  • Conduct Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Assist in fire prevention consultancy projects

What we can we do for you

We will offer you a workplace which gives you space for personal and professional development, a flexible work schedule, relocation assistance to Germany, a fair compensation and benefits package and
an enjoyable working environment, defined by tolerance, honesty and respect. Strategic Fire Solutions is an international company based in the heart of Europe.

Contact us
Send your resume/curriculum vitae, covering letter, certificates and references to:
Strategic Fire Solutions GbR
Wilhelm-Franke-Straße 25
D-01219 Dresden

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us at:
Tel. +49 (0) 351 27 23 19 41

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Location McMurdo or South Pole Antarctica
Job Information

PAE is a leader in providing worldwide solutions for base operations, logistics, construction, airfield operations, and personnel placement.

PAE is currently seeking the following Fire Department personnel to support the Antarctic Support Contract and the National Science Foundation’s United States Antarctic Program.

We are currently looking for people to deploy to McMurdo or South Pole Antarctic research stations for various periods of time. Summer season generally begins in August or October/early November and runs through the following February. Winter-over contracts generally begin in February and run through October. These contract times are flexible and changes may be made based on business needs.


  • IFSAC, Pro-Board/DoD, or State Certified Firefighter II; Airport Fire Fighter; Hazardous Materials First Responder: Operations and EMT-B required. National Incident Management System (NIMS): ICS 100 and 200 are required. Valid state drivers license is required.
  • Three years previous full time firefighting experience is required; two years volunteer experience or paid on-call time equals one year full time experience.

Firefighter, Lieutenant:

  • IFSAC, Pro-Board/DoD, or State Certified Fire Fighter I/II; Fire Officer I; Airport Fire Fighter; Hazardous Materials First Responder: Operations, and EMT-B are required. National Incident Management System (NIMS): ICS 100 and 200 required. Valid stat driver’s license is required.
  • IFSAC, Pro-Board/DoD or State Certified Driver Operator; Pumper/Mobile Water Supply; Driver Operator ARFF; Paramedic; Hazardous Materials Technician preferred.
  • Four years previous full time firefighting experience is required; two years volunteer experience or paid on-call time equals one year full time experience.  At least two years of experience as a supervisor is required.

All employees must successfully complete the physical and dental examinations as required by the NSF for deploying to Antarctica.

US Citizenship is required to work for the United States Antarctic Program.

PAE is an equal opportunity employer and drug- free workplace.

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