To Promote the Science & Improve the Methods of Aviation Fire Protection & Prevention

Everyday there are thousands of specialized aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) professionals around the world working to protect airports and the millions of passengers utilizing air travel daily. The ARFF Working Group is dedicated to ensuring that ARFF personnel are prepared to safely and effectively complete their mission.

Established in 1990 the ARFF Working Group was organized to create an active network of information sharing among airport fire rescue professionals. We continue to develop and deliver comprehensive educational programs on a wide variety of topics effecting firefighters around the globe.

Why Become a Member
Development of communication networks in areas such as training, facilities, operational procedures, and investigative information are essential as the science of aircraft rescue and firefighting continues to develop. Membership in the ARFF Working Group provides a networking avenue for all those concerned and involved with aviation fire safety.

We have developed a wide variety of memberships for individuals, military, corporations, government agencies, airports and fire departments. Membership fees are invoiced annually.

Individual Membership
Membership in this category will possess voting and representational rights in the ARFF Working Group on an individual basis. Participation will not be interpreted or applied to a representation of their employer or affiliation.
Civilian Membership Fee: $65
Military Membership Fee: $55

Organizational (Supporting Member)
Supporting Organizational Members shall represent institutes, societies, associations, boards, bureaus or commissions and departments of state, local and national governments. Includes one (1) voting member and one (1) “Associate” non-voting member.
Membership Fee: $185

Organizational (ARFF Provider)
ARFF Provider Organizational Members are fire departments, public safety departments, agencies of state, local, national and international governments that provide ARFF service or mutual aid to airports. Each Organizational Membership receives one Associate Member for each Voting Member in your category. 

  • FAA Index GA/A and ICAO Category 1 – 5
    Includes one (1) voting member and one (1) “Associate” non-voting member.
    Membership Fee: $95
  • FAA Index B and ICAO Category 6
    Includes two (2) voting members and one (2) “Associate” non-voting members.
    Membership Fee: $145
  • FAA Index C and ICAO Category 7
    Includes three (3) voting members and (3) “Associate” non-voting members.
    Membership Fee: $195
  • FAA Index D and ICAO Category 8
    Includes four (4) voting members and four (4) “Associate” non-voting members.
    Membership Fee: $245
  • FAA Index E and ICAO Category 9/10
    Includes five (5) voting members and five (5) “Associate” non-voting members.
    Membership Fee: $295

Corporate Members/Sustaining Members
Corporate/Sustaining Members are fire equipment suppliers, engineering firms, consulting firms, manufacturers, training institutions and other businesses desiring to recognize and advance the mission of the ARFF Working Group. Includes one (1) voting member and one (1) “Associate” non-voting member.
Membership Fee: $395

Associate Members
Supplemental Associate Members may be purchased at the time of Organizational/Corporate Memberships at a fee of $10 per Associate Membership.  “Associate Members” will receive all benefits as Individual Members with the exception of voting privileges.  Digital ARFF News is available to all members.
Memberships Fee: $10


The ARFF Working Group is an International Non-Profit Organization as determined under Section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code described in Section 501(c) (3).

ARFF Working Group
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