2nd Vice Chair Report

By: Larry Lippel

Brothers and sisters, I continued to serve as your 2nd Vice Chair and Section 3 director this year.  As 2nd Vice Chair, I was happy to see a continued increase in our membership.  We have continued to reach out to all our ARFFWG sections, with emphasis on the international areas with new MOUs that were signed this year.   Our total number of members is 1,657, as of August 1, with the following breakdown:

Section                 Total
1                 145
2                 103
3                 467
4                 109
5                 281
6                 222
7                 84
8                 65
9                 2
10               30
11               55
12/13          67
14               13
Other          4

You can see that we, as an organization,continue to stay steady with membership:
2017  1,697
2018  1,710

As the website progresses, our goal is to make membership renewal and editing easier for everyone across the board. 

As we have grown in numbers, we have also grown with merchandise.  We have updated our products and the members seem to appreciate the new styles.  A lot of this is due to Barb Haas and Ron Krusleski’s work with the ARFFWG products.  They were able to attend a vendor show in Texas this last spring and came back with some great merchandise ideas.

We also have a conference shirt again this conference.  This is our second time to have this type shirt, which seems to be a big hit.  Be sure to check out all of the merchandise at our table in-between sessions.   

We will continue with our satisfaction surveys sent to attendees of conferences after our upcoming conference, as well as the 2020 Leadership conference.  This assists the Board with knowing what we did well, and what needs some work.  Please be sure to fill out and submit these surveys when they are emailed to you.  I compile the data and share it with the Board of Directors.  The Board is always open to suggestions on how to make the organization even better. 

In Section 3, we have remained connected by our monthly conference calls and sharing of information.  I am happy to say that we work extremely well supporting each other.  It is common for someone to send an email to the section asking for assistance with a problem or the answer to a question.  The responses, whether by email or phone, are always numerous and helpful. This past year the foam and PFOS concerns have been a big topic of discussion with airports sharing whatever they found new, SOPs, training, etc. with their neighbors in the section and regionally. Additionally, many of us travel to each other’s drills and/or full-scale exercises to support, assist, and learn from each other.  I am honored to represent such a great section of dedicated ARFF personnel.   

I thank you for allowing me to serve as both your 2nd Vice Chair and Section 3 Director.  I am here to assist you and I am always available to discuss any questions/concerns you may have.  Stay safe!

About the Author: Larry Lippel has been in the fire service for 30 years beginning his career in Canton, Ohio and moved to Punta Gorda, FL in 1998.  Currently, he serves as a Battalion Chief for the Charlotte County, Florida, Fire Department.  He is a member of the Florida Fire Chiefs Association and the ARFFWG, where he serves at the Section 3 Director and the 2nd Vice Chair.