Can you tell me where to find the Brake Status indicators on the Boeing -787?


1) The front of the nose gear of a B-787 has three lights that are helpful to ARFF crews near the aircraft. The panel on the front upper (aircraft) right side of the nose gear lets you know the status of the brakes.  A singe Blue light indicates the brakes are OFF.

If the brakes are parked both upper red and yellow lights will be illuminated.  For ARFF crews, a red light is good.

2)The inside of the engine cowl shows how simple, clean and electronically controlled these engines are. A few wires harnessed now replace a lot if hydraulic, pneumatic, and other complicated parts of conventional jet engines.  This reduces leeks and potential fire sources.

The B-787 -8 is powered by two, GEnx-1B-70 rated at 69,800 pounds of thrust each. Or in the case of the B-787-9 74,1000 pounds of thrust.  Each engine has two generators.

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