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    Good Afternoon everybody,

    We are in need to restock our DCP extinguishers and are working in a hostile environment. We are close to the sea, with high humidity and temperatures between 30 and 40 centigrade. Many HLS at the FOBs are sand strips, so standard tires are not very useful. I thought already to get big wheels myself and simply change them. But if I can get these extinguishers already delivered with I would be happy.

    Basically, do I need:

    + 50 [kg] DCP
    + simple activation but if possible no activation by accident.
    + serviceable
    + big wheels to move it on sandy/dusty/unpaved ground
    + lances to reach the overhead turbines of the Helicopters
    + withstands coast environment with high humidity and lot of sun

    Thx in advance


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