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    40 hour ARFF Basic with Live Fire Burn Jan. 14-18, 2019 Southern California

    Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) Basic Course. Pre-registration is required. This class will cover the required topics outlined in Federal Aviation Administration Part 139.319 (j)(2) and the State of California Fire Training Fire Control 5. The class will be a five-day interactive lecture with hands on familiarization to: aircraft, airport familiarization, communications, fire tactics and strategy, use of foam and application of chemical agents, safety and safety gear, specialized vehicles, jet engine fires, interior fire operations, cargo fire operations, rescue, use of structural apparatus for aircraft accidents, forcible entry to aircraft, and incident command. * SBRETC staff will have the right to change the time of day the hands-on drills will be performed including rescue and live fire to night or early morning drills due to weather conditions. For pricing and more information contact info@sbretc.org 909-389-3208 http://www.sbretc.org


    Good morning,
    I have 2 (possibly 4) new hires I need to get ARFF certified to CARs Standards as soon as possible.
    Can anyone help me with this ?

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