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    How do you address fuel spills?
    Do you stand-by while the fuel company cleans up the spill?
    If yes, how do they clean it up?

    At LAX the fuelers spread absorbent on the fuel then sweep and shovel it into drums. This method is very time consuming and inefficient.

    Have any of you seen the use of a device called the “Super Sopper”? This device looks like a rolling drum with an absorbent material and a squeegee that removes the fuel.

    Ted Mayeda
    Engineer, Los Angeles Fire Dept
    Fire Station 80, B Platoon
    @ LAX



    At RSW we pick up all fuel spills with absorbent pads and roll materials. We use a super sopper for larger spills works very well for us. We do not allow the fueling company to clean up the spill for safety reasons. Some of the airline’s have a special cart with spread absorbent and if they put it down before we get on scene they are responsible for cleaning it up after we safety the area.

    David Moran
    Captain, Southwest Florida International Airport ARFF

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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