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    I am doing a research project for a class I am taking and could use any and all input out there. Please feel free to add what ever opinions you might have. The topic for my paper is “Removal of Non-Ambulatory Patients During an Aircraft Incidents”. My question for you is, how would your ARFF department handle patients in an aircraft incident, and what method would they use to remove them from the plane. The time factor and elevation of an aircraft on it’s wheel present some interesting challenges. I hope to come to some consensus on the best and quickest methods. Thank you for stopping to read this post



    One way is to deploy the slides from the doors and hatches and then carry or drag them to these slides. The passenger would be moved down the slide to an awaiting crew with a backboard or wheeled stretcher cot for removal to a patient collection area to be triaged. To control the decent down the slide, a lanyard or strap can be used around the patient’s body.

    The other way is by good old manual labor. Use a fireman carry


    What about using a hasty harness, using webbing, the same principle as a elevator rescue, or removing a down firefighter.


    what about using a hasty harness, using webbing. It would be the same principle as removing a down firefighter or a elevator rescue.



    EMERGENCY: For medivac patients they’re usually on a backboard that connects to a mounted bracket (get familiar with the mechanism) so I would leave the patient on the backboard and bring the patient to the slide and assist them down to awaiting personnel. If the slide has been deflated or removed I would place the backboard on the ladder and control the patient from both ends with a rescue rope. With all other non- ambulatory passengers, If time permits I would place the passenger on a backboard with spider straps and send them down the slide/ladder with assistance.
    NON EMERGENCY: The airlines should have an isle wheelchair.

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