Kim Olsen has worked within aviation world for more than 35 years. Before starting at Copenhagen Airports Airport Security/Police, Kim Olsen served 5 years in the Danish Army. A promotion and a new job at Roskilde Airport meant getting involved with ARFF. After returning to the Copenhagen Airports Fire & Rescue Dept. in 1989 he has worked his way through the ranks. Kim Olsen is a member of both IAFPA and the ARFFWG, has served 7 years as a Director for section 11 on the Board of Directors in the ARFFWG. Currently holding a position as Sectional Manager for section 11 and functioning as the Lesion Officer for ARFFWG to IAPFA.   Kim Olsen is Head of Copenhagen Airport Fire & Rescue Academy. He is an Instructor DEMA the Danish Emergency Services College. Teaching ARFF Incident Command and Interdisciplinary Command courses.

Head of Copenhagen Airport Fire & Rescue Academy
Kobenhavns Lufthavne A/S
Brand & Redning
Lufthavnsboulevarden 6,
P.O. Box 74
2770 Kastrup, DK
45-3231-3231 – Office
45-2372-1327 – Mobile
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