Lars Andersen
Chief Sergeant Major/Fire Chief
Royal Danish Air Force
Fighter Wing Skrydstrup
Fire & Rescue
Lilholtvej 2
DK-6500 Vojens

+45 2023 0859


I was born in Kerteminde in Denmark. The town of Kerteminde was built by the wikings and we do have strong traditions for seamanship. I grew up together with my younger sister. My father was chief engineer in the merchant navy, so it was primarily our mother who raised us. After high school, I started out as a sailor. I sailed for three years.

I live in Vejle, Denmark with my wife and our two boys.
We have our own house in fine area. It is situated very close to the natur where we spend a lot of time.
My wife work as a quality chief coordinator in one of our largest grocery firms.
Our youngest son attend high school and plays American football in our local club. He is cornerback/backup quarterback and play at a high level.
Our oldest son is attending the local technical college after spending a year as exchange student in Mentor, Ohio. He want to become an aircraft constructor. He play football as well. He is a very talented widereciver and play at a high level as well. He is expected to play in our national league next season.
Football was a very important part of my life until 2014. I played as defensive end and I retired at a very high age.

In my spare time, I hike, run and lift weights.
I also work as an instructor in the local civilian fire department.

Military career and education
After I had sailed for three years, I started as conscript in the Danish army in 1984. I was trained as a mechanized infantryman. In 1986, my regiment was closed. I was transferred to a surface to air missile unit. Here I started to work as a medic. I was somewhat talented when it came to handling wounded people and was headhunted for a job in the Royal Medical Corps. During my service in the corps, I took part in the conflict in Bosnia as a UN-soldier. Later I took part in the Kosovo conflict and in operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. We operated out of the American base in Manas, Kyrgyzstan.  In 2005, I volunteered for a job as fire fighter in the Royal Danish Air Force. During my basic fire fighter training, I where asked if I would like to be NCO in the unit. I took the challenge. During the education, I was quite successful, I broke some national records and the Military Psychological Test Center recommended that I was hurried trough the rank system to get a leader job.  In 2007, I became deputy chief and training officer in the fire and rescue unit at Fighter Wing Skrydstrup.
In 2014 I was promoted to Fire Chief.  Besides the military education, I am educated as civilian fire officer as well. In Denmark we do have to get this double education to be allowed to lead a military fire department.  I am taking part in site survey and fire inspections all over the globe where The Danish Air Force are present.

I am a permanent member of the National Military Crash Investigation Team.

During my civilian education, I have graduated as fire inspector and fire investigator.
From 2005 until 2015 I have been going through a degree in leadership at University College Lillebaelt. In 2015 I finished my bachelor degree in management from the same university college.

My next goal is to get a master’s degree in international business communication.

From 1990 to 1992, I asked for leave. I spend the time in Greenland together with my wife.
I worked as plumber and construction worker. I got a lot of very valuable experiences when it comes to arctic climate. I spend much time in the wilderness hunting from dog sledge and boat.