Country Coordinator – Singapore

Alvin Lee Fook Wing
Changi Airport Group (S) PTE Ltd.
P.O. Box 168 – Singapore Changi Airport

Alvin has been in the emergency services field for the last 17 years, of which, the last 3 years was in Changi Airport, Singapore.  during his time in Changi Airport, he has served as Commander Military, where he was responsible for the rescue and fire fighting operations at the 4 Military air bases in Singapore.  He also served in the role as Head, Planning where he was responsible for the Changi and Seletar Airports’ Emergency Plans as well as to conduct exercises to ensure the robustness and currency of these Emergency Plans.

Alvin is currently serving as Commander Civil.  he is thus responsible for the ARFF operations in both Changi and Seletar Airports in Singapore.