Angela Cook – CO – Denver

Denver Fire Department/ARFF

8525 Newcastle Street

Denver, CO 80246A Cook 2015 dfd year book


Angela Cook joined the Denver Fire Department in 1992.  She spent a large portion of her career at Station 10 in inner-city Denver where she was a member of the Hazardous Materials Decontamination Team.  Angela has served 3 tours of duty at the Training Division leading recruit academies, in-service training, & research and development.  She promotes ongoing structured mentoring on the department and until recently was chair of the DFD Incident Safety Committee.  Since 2009, Angela has been assigned as the Division Chief of Fire at Denver International Airport where she commands Operations, the ARFF Training Academy, and a Fire Prevention Team, totaling 110 personnel.

Angela’s instructional background includes teaching within the Denver Fire Dept., the IAFC Company Officer Leadership Symposium, the International Assoc. of Women in Fire and Emerg. Services as well as facilitating courses for various fire departments around Colorado and California including San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Her teaching topics include: Incident Management, Risk Benefit Analysis, Strategy and Tactics, Promotional Preparation, Conflict Resolution, and Recruitment & Retention.

Extracurricular activities have included teaching Fire Science classes at Red Rocks Community College, participating as a Search Specialist for Colorado’s F.E.M.A. U.S.A.R. Task Force, and writing and implementing an introduction to firefighting curriculum for the Denver Public Schools’ Career Education Center.  She is currently a VP on the board of the Denver Firefighters’ Burn Foundation.