John Olsen – Country Coordinator – Germany

Strategic Fire Solutions
Wilhelm-Franke Strasse 25
Dresden – Germany
49 172 290-6379

John A. Olsen is a fire and emergency services consultant and senior ARFF instructor based out of Dresden, Germany.  His fire protection career began in New York in 1976 and has spanned over thirty-six years serving both the civilian and military fire and emergency services at locations world-wide. After serving almost 21 years as a fire protection specialist and emergency service manager with the United States Air Force, John joined the Fraport AG, Frankfurt International Airport Fire Service in 2001 and served as senior program manager for international activities, managing the fire training centers international programs. As Joint Managing Director of Strategic Fire Solutions, John is actively involved in providing emergency management consultancy training services at various airports and industrial complexes around the world.  John has been a long time member of the Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting Working Group (ARFF WG) and is the group’s regional manager for the Middle East Region.  John is also an affiliate member of the International Air Transport Association Aircraft Recovery Task Force, International Aviation Fire Protection Association (IAFPA), JOIFF the International Organization for Industrial Hazard Management, and the European Aviation Group for Occupational Safety.