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More horrible news out of York, PA this evening as a 2nd Firefighter has died in the Line of Duty following that fire and collapse. Firefighter Ivan Flanscha, 50 and Firefighter Zachary Anthony, 29 have both lost their lives today in York.

Firefighter Ivan Flanscha, a decorated 20-year veteran of the York City Fire Department, died  when part of the burned-out hulk of the Weaver Organ and Piano factory building collapsed on him and the other firefighters. He was the first York City Firefighter killed in the line of duty since 1971 and the 12th in the department’s history.

Initial reports are that Firefighters Flanscha and Anthony were trapped after the fourth floor of the former Weaver Organ and Piano Factory building collapsed on top of them and two other Firefighters while they were searching the building for the source of fire that had been flaring up since last night. The York City Fire Department had been on scene since 1700 Wednesday when the fire first broke out at the building on East Philadelphia Street. Firefighters Flanscha, Anthony and two others were inside when the fourth floor collapsed. The Mayday Call went out just before 1530 this afternoon. In addition, Assistant Chief Greg Altland and Firefighter Erik Swanson were in stable condition and being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Our sincere condolences to everyone affected by these terrible losses. Rest In Peace.

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The Secret List 3/22/2018-2130 Hours