COLFAX — Two people were confirmed dead after a small plane crashed west of Colfax Sunday afternoon.

The Nevada County Sheriff’s Office said the crash happened along Dog Bar Road and released photos from the scene showing the downed plane in a field between Colfax and Alta Sierra.

According to authorities, a mayday call went out at approximately 1:30 p.m. Units from the sheriff’s office and Nevada County Consolidated Fire District responded to the scene.

One nearby neighbor heard the loud noise. He wasn’t sure what had happened.

“I heard a big poompfh! Like an impact,” Alta Sierra resident Barry Forman said.

At first, Forman thought it must’ve been a tree. Neighbors never imagined it would be a plane crash.

“We were shocked. That’s why we came back to turn around to check,” said Mitch Chyczewski of Alta Sierra.

The cause of the crash is under investigation. No details have been released on the two people who were on board.