Jonathan Ayestas

WILTON, Calif. —

Four people were hospitalized with critical injuries after a plane crashed in the Wilton area of Sacramento County, officials told KCRA 3 Thursday afternoon.

The plane crashed in front of a property near Alta Mesa and Blake roads, the Sacramento Metro Fire Department said. A small vegetation fire started as a result but has since been extinguished.

The four people on board were sent to nearby hospitals, each in critical condition.

Steven Scharf, a bystander who spoke with KCRA 3, said he heard a large noise in the sky and looked over to notice the aircraft crashing into the front yard of a home before bursting into flames. The witness said he grabbed a fire extinguisher, ran across the street and helped the four people — a woman, two boys and a man — out of the aircraft.

“The gentleman flying came crawling out of the flames so I went to spray him off and he was ok, but I just got everybody away,” Scharf said.

Video obtained by KCRA 3 shows the plane taking off from the Alta Mesa Airpark runway around 4:15 p.m. and going airborne briefly before it starts dipping to its left and diving down before it crashed.

LiveCopter 3 arrived as a medical helicopter was leaving the scene of the plane crash around 5 p.m. The helicopter headed toward the direction of the UC Davis Medical Center.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it has not yet identified what type of aircraft it was that crashed.