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This morning (8th), an air cargo plane caught fire at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. A fire in the cabin of a Aeroflot Airlines cargo plane occurred during the launch process. After receiving a report from the on-site maintenance, Hangzhou Airport immediately organized fire, medical, and public security departments to rush to the scene for rescue. After the joint cooperation of relevant departments, the fire was successfully ruled out.

At 4:40 in the morning, a cargo plane 4B6534 of Aeroflot Airlines flying from Hangzhou to Marchevo Airport in Novosibirsk, Russia, had an open fire in the cabin when it was pushed out of the seat before taking off. After receiving the emergency report from the on-site maintenance personnel, Hangzhou Airport immediately started the emergency procedures. The fire and first aid rushed to the scene for emergency treatment within 2 minutes, and successfully rescued the 8 crew members and transferred them. After the incident, the heads of the Provincial Airport Group and Hangzhou Airport rushed to the scene as soon as possible to guide the emergency response.

According to the manifest information, the cargo plane was loaded with about 20 tons of general cargo and about 26 tons of aviation fuel. At present, the relevant dangerous situation has been successfully eliminated, and the relevant departments are further investigating the specific cause of the fire.

Editor in charge: Liu Yufei