Jennifer Gravel / Noovo Info

Emergency services were called Thursday morning to Val-d’Or airport after a Propair plane had to make an emergency landing.

The deputy director of the Fire Department of the City of Val-d’Or, Éric Lafleur, specifies that the plane left the runway upon landing.

Firefighters, ambulances and Sûreté du Québec police officers were quickly called to the scene.

“Both pilots are fine, they were able to get out of the plane on their own. There were no passengers,” specifies Mr. Lafleur, adding that a towing operation was necessary to remove the plane from its unfortunate position, notably with the help of a crane.

A representative of the Propair company, Justin Lemieux, also confirmed to Noovo Info that the occupants of the plane were not injured. The company will not issue any further comments at this time as an investigation by theCanadian Transportation Officewill be opened – as is the case with any incident in the field of aviation – in order to discover the causes and circumstances of this incident.

The TSB also confirmed Thursday afternoon in a press release sent to the media that a team of investigators would be dispatched to the scene “to investigate an aircraft accident involving a Beech King Air operated by Propair. The TSB will collect information and assess the event.”