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A Cessna 421 twin-engine air taxi aircraft from Corozal crashed at the Rafael Núñez International Airport in Cartagena. The emergency is being promptly attended to by a team of experts from the Accident Investigation Technical Directorate.

Through a statement they reported that air operations were interrupted while the aircraft was removed from the runway. Its five occupants are unharmed.

«The Rafael Núñez de Cartagena Airport will be closed, until the private aircraft type Cessna 421b from montería is withdrawn, which generated an obstacle on the runway; The situation did not cause any inconvenience for the 3 passengers and 2 crew members, coming from the hunt. Likewise, I do not know that there was damage to the airport infrastructure,” the statement reported.

It details that, “the appropriate management is being carried out for the removal of the aircraft and resume the operation of the airport, for passengers who have a flight today we suggest you be aware of the official channels of the airlines to find out last-minute information and the status of your flight.