The passengers of flight AR 1133, who landed this Monday at 6:58 at the Ezeiza airport, experienced a moment of anxiety when the Airbus 340-313 that moved them from Madrid suffered an incident on the terminal’s runway.

According to the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Board (JIACC), when the aircraft performed the usual taxiing maneuvers to the platform where passengers then descended, a fire vehicle hit its left wing, causing damage to the toe .

The particular case is that the truck and firefighters were in that area to honor the pilot of the Airbus LV-FPU registration, which early this morning retired with the operation that came from Spain.

There is a tradition in the aeronautical sector: the commanders who leave the activity are honored with a kind of “water bridge” when they make their last flight. On this occasion, what should have been a festive event almost caused a serious accident.

Official sources consulted by Infobae , informed that there were no injuries due to the touch of the plane with the Fire truck, but it will be necessary to repair the wing before the aircraft – which is almost 22 years old – returns to service for the state airline .