DPP Caravan plane crashed into a hill in the aircraft parking area when it was about to land at Pogapa Airport, fortunately there were no casualties.

Oleh : Reporter : TvOne Team, Desius Editor : Firda Jumardi

The Daby Air PK – DPP Caravan plane which came from Nabire crashed when it was about to land at Pogapa Airport , Homeyo District, Intan Jaya Regency, Thursday (07/12/2023) at around 09.50 WIT. “It is possible that due to slippery runway conditions, the braking did not work properly so the plane hit a hill in the plane parking area,” said Head of Public Relations of the Papua Regional Police, Police Commissioner. Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo confirmed the incident.

He said that the plane was known to have come from Nabire and the accident occurred during the landing process at Pogapa Airport.

Meanwhile, Intan Jaya Police Chief, AKBP Afrizal Asri, explained that the plane was flown by Captain Irela and Co Pilot Hendry carrying five passengers, namely Pastor Saul Bagau, Melek Bagau, Debora Bagau, James Bagau and a small child. “Even though there were no casualties, Captain Irela, Melek B and Debora B suffered minor injuries and have now been taken to the Community Health Center for medical treatment,” he said.

The Police Chief continued to explain that as a result of this incident, the plane suffered damage to several parts such as the propeller and broken front wheel.