The pilots of an Airbus A319 had to detour to São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos (SP), this early afternoon on Tuesday, February 6, after the loss of one of the plane’s wheels. The audio and video presented in this article allow you to see how everything happened.

The incident occurred with flight LA-3923, from LATAM Brasil, made with the A319 registration PT-TMO, which departed at 12:20 pm from Santos Dumont Airport, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), and would land at Congonhas Airport, in Sao Paulo-SP). However, given the problem with the landing gear, the pilots chose to divert to Guarulhos, an airport with longer runways than Congonhas.

Initially, it was necessary to make a low pass over runway 10L in Guarulhos, for a visual check of the condition of the landing gear, as can be seen in the following audio, with communications between the pilot and the air traffic controller:

According to the audio messages above, after the passage, the Guarulhos Tower controller reported that apparently the nose landing gear was correctly lowered. The pilot then responded that the check was for the main landing gear.

Then, the controller reported that the main gear also appeared to be correctly lowered, to which the pilot responded that the check was about a wheel loss that had occurred during takeoff. She then said that it had not been possible to correctly visualize the wheels, and that she would request confirmation from the personnel who were in a support vehicle close to the track.

In the subsequent minutes, the pilots positioned the Airbus A319 for a new landing approach. The airport’s emergency teams positioned their vehicles on the outskirts of the runway, as a standard preventive measure due to the emergency situation, under the pilot’s declaration of “PAN PAN”, which means the need for attention and priority, but without imminent risk to the safety of the airport. aircraft or the people on board.

The following images, from the “Golf Oscar Romeo” channel on YouTube, allow you to watch both the moment in which the aircraft passed over the runway, starting at 1:07 pm, and the moment in which it approached and landed on runway 10L at Porto Airport. Guarulhos, from 1:18 pm. Upon landing, the internal wheel of the left main landing gear is clearly missing:

Despite the problem with the landing gear, the landing was completed safely and the pilots taxied the plane normally to the apron, accompanied by emergency vehicles, also as a standard measure for situations like this.

AEROIN contacted the company, which informed the following:

“ LATAM Brasil informs that the landing of flight LA3923 (Rio de Janeiro/Santos Dumont-São Paulo/Congonhas) this Tuesday (6/2) was diverted to Guarulhos airport for corrective maintenance of the aircraft. The company is offering all necessary assistance to passengers. 

LATAM adopts all operational and technical security measures to ensure a safe trip for everyone. “