In the plane crash in Chrcynno, 5 people died, 8 were injured, a dozen or so people were injured – said on Monday evening the spokesman for the Warsaw Police Commander, Nadkom. Sylwester Marczak. The deputy voivode of Masovia, Sylwester Dąbrowski, indicated that one child was injured.

On Monday, there was a plane accident in Chrcynno in the pow. Nowodworski (Mazowieckie). The Cessna plane , while landing in bad weather, crashed into a hangar where people were sheltering.

– 5 people died, 8 were injured, a dozen or so people were injured – said on Monday evening during a press conference the spokesman for the Warsaw Police Commander , Nadkom. Sylwester Marczak. “Among the people who died is a pilot,” he added. He noted that “some people were provided with assistance on the spot and moved away from the scene”.

The wounded were taken to hospitals

– Eight injured people were taken to hospitals in Warsaw, Ciechanów and Płońsk – said Izabella Gulajska, a paramedic.

Press Officer of the Poviat Commander of the State Fire Service in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, junior captain Paweł Plagowski reported that “on the part of the Fire Brigade, 16 hosts were dispatched to the site”. – These were the vast majority of hosts from the Nowy Dwór district, from the Fire and Rescue Unit No. 8 in Warsaw, Medical Rescue Section. About 60 rescuers were sent to the site, who in the first phase focused on securing the accident site, securing the wreck of the plane and the object that the plane hit . The activities also consisted in providing qualified assistance, in cooperation with the medical rescue team and the police – explained Plagowski.

“There are several hours of work ahead of the services. Representatives of the State Aircraft Accident Investigation Commission are on site, said the spokesman for the Warsaw Police Commander.

When asked about the causes of the accident, he noted that “at the moment it is still too early to talk about it.” – The commission that works on site will also be of key importance when it comes to clarifying the circumstances of the incident – ​​he noted.