– The plane is stuck, a passenger told VG.


Press officer Cathrine Framholdt confirmed to VG at around 20:00 that the plane was stuck, and at that time the passengers were also on board.

– It is a plane that was on its way from de-icing to the runway, and which needs the help of a tow truck to move on. No one is injured and there is no damage to the machine either, said Framholdt.

– There is no drama, and we will probably quickly move the plane, continued the press guard.

When VG spoke to her again at 10 p.m., she had no new information about the snowbound plane.

A passenger on board, Jens Schreuder, said that the plane was actually supposed to take off and head for Ethiopia at 18.45. Instead, they were crammed into buses outside.

– The plane is stuck, and I don’t think they have started towing, Schreuder said at 9.15pm, and added:

– They have said that we will be allowed to come on board again. It was actually quite calm on board, but it took a while before we found out what was going on, Schreuder said.

In an SMS to VG 20 minutes later, Schreuder said that they had now been allowed to enter the terminal again.

On Thursday, large parts of the country experienced severe weather and several flight departures have been cancelled. Read more about “Pia” here.

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