By Richie Schut

A vintage aircraft unexpectedly skidded off the primary runway at Deer Park Airport, but miraculously, no injuries were reported. The cause was a wheel brake lock-up during landing. As the main runway awaits clearance from the NTSB for moving the aircraft, operations have shifted to the alternate runway.

A historic aircraft went off the runway at the Deer Park Airport when the wheel brake locked up on landing. The airport manager, Darold Schultz, has confirmed that no injuries were reported. The event has temporarily closed down Runway 16/34, the primary runway, in order to compensate Runway 5/23 has been opened for temporary usage. Pending NTSB approval the aircraft will be moved and 16/34 reopened. The identity of the pilot and aircraft is yet to be disclosed. Moving forward, the NTSB will be investigating the exact cause of the accident.