The Nova Xavantina Fire Department has just confirmed, to Só Notícias , the crash of an aircraft on a farm 85 kilometers from Indianapolis, which is the Barra do Garças district (512 kilometers from Cuiabá), this afternoon. The plane caught fire and the pilot and a woman were charred. The names have not yet been confirmed.

Also on board was a young woman, 20 years old, and a man, 27 years old, rescued in serious condition and sent to the municipal hospital of Nova Xavantina and their identities were not provided, nor in which city they reside.

One of the verified versions is that the crew would have gone to the property to buy cattle. The aircraft took off from the farm runway and, when it was about 500 meters from the ground, the engine stopped running and there was a fall. They would be returning to Goiânia. The  prefix has not yet been confirmed.

An Auto Pump Tank Truck (ABT) and rescue vehicles were put out to extinguish the flames. Firefighters also requested support from an ambulance in the municipality. 

Politec’s expertise carried out the removal procedures and the bodies were sent to the IML in Barra do Garças.

Initially, it had been reported that the accident occurred in the town of Araguaiana, 50 km from Barra, but the police confirmed that the location is in the Indianapolis district.

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