A single-engine airplane lost power while taking off and crashed into a field just outside of the Santa Ynez Airport on Thursday morning.

At about 10:43 a.m., Santa Barbara County Fire responded to the Santa Ynez Airport for a report of a downed plane. When units arrived, they found a single-engine aircraft with just one pilot on board and no other passengers, according to County Fire Capt. Dave Zaniboni.

The plane reportedly lost power while taking off and crashed through a barbed wire fence, ending up on a field at the west end of the airport, Zaniboni said. The pilot was able to self-extricate and suffered no injuries; however, the plane incurred some damage and had a small fuel leak.

Crews remained on scene attempting to unload the fuel from the aircraft and stop the leak, Zaniboni added.

The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration were notified and will work to tow the aircraft away from the field and back into the hangar at the airport.