Flight AD9245 left Cuiabá and took off, but was less than 30 minutes in the air.

By g1 MT

An Azul plane had to make an emergency landing at Marechal Rondon International Airport, in Várzea Grande, in the metropolitan region of Cuiabá, this Monday (27), due to technical problems on a flight to Chapecó (SC).

Flight AD9245 left Cuiabá and took off, but was less than 30 minutes in the air. Due to problems that have not yet been confirmed by Azul, the aircraft had to return to the airport of origin.

“The company emphasizes that it provided all the necessary assistance to its customers, as provided for in Anac’s resolution 400, and relocated them on a backup flight that takes off today [Monday] from the capital of Mato Grosso. Azul regrets any inconveniences caused. and it reinforces that measures such as these are necessary to guarantee the safety of its operations,” says an excerpt from the airline’s note.

According to the passengers’ report, during the flight, the aircraft’s engines began to make a different noise. Some got sick, with fright.

Passengers from other cities were accommodated in a hotel and await the new flight.

engine crash

Last month, passengers were injured after a breakdown in an Azul Linhas Aéreas plane that was leaving Marechal Rondon Airport, bound for Guarulhos, in São Paulo.

The Airbus 32 never took off, but was moving on the ground when it came to a sudden stop. The emergency inflatable slide had to be activated for passengers to descend. Some people were injured on the spot when they got out of the equipment.