by Lonnie Adams

ELLIJAY, Ga. – Following yesterday’s plane crash at Gilmer County’s Airport, investigations were held earlier this morning by representatives of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Just after 3:00 p.m. yesterday, the plane, a single-engine Super Decathlon, holding two people, a pilot and one passenger, crashed during a landing process. Fire and Rescue responded immediately to the overturned plane still stuck on the runway’s edge.

According to a statement released by Gilmer County’s Public Safety, they released both people on the scene after treatment from paramedics. Authorities are not releasing their names at this time but did confirm that both of the plane’s occupants sustained minor injuries.

The statement said the plane “approached the runway from the south, bounced on a hard landing and veered sharply. The plane flipped upside down on the runway, causing minor injuries to the pilot and passenger.”

During the incident, the plane suffered minor damage, it has been cleared. The runway also saw damage as the incident resulted in the destruction of one runway light along with superficial scratches along the paved surface. However, since the incident, Public Safety’s Public Information Officer Al Cash said the area has been swept and cleaned of debris.

At this time the FAA has cleared the facility for further use and the Gilmer County Airport has re-opened to the public. However, the FAA is still at the airport today. According to authorities, they are conducting interviews with those involved or witnesses to the event.

This includes at least one witness, the pilot and passenger, and possibly members of the airport staff. However, no specific details have been released on these as the FAA continues its efforts.