By Alexandra Herrera

The Civil Aeronautics reported during this Wednesday on three air incidents that occurred at the airports of  Bogotá, San Andrés and in the one serving Cali,  in which aircraft left the runways, the most serious being the one with the crash of an ambulance plane in San Andres .

The Aerocivil report indicates that there were no injured people, although serious damage was observed in the infrastructure of the air terminals and in the aircraft. 

One of the cases that caused the most anguish to its occupants occurred around 3:13 p.m. this Wednesday when the Merlin SW4 type aircraft, registration HK 5225, ambulance , when it was taxiing on the runway of San Andrés Islas with destination Medellin.

The aircraft left the runway before takeoff, crossing the security zone and impacting against the perimeter wall of the airport.  

Despite the impact, the six occupants of the aircraft were unharmed, while the airport authorities evaluated the damage to the aircraft.

In turn, the Civil Aeronautics began the removal of the plane from the site of the event in order to allow operations to resume at the San Andrés airport, which had to be suspended as a result of the event.  

A second emergency situation took place in the city of Palmira, where an aircraft that had taken off from that aerodrome bound for Guayaquil (Ecuador) returned to the Bonilla Aragón Airport (which serves the city of Cali) , apparently due to a failure . radio There, the pilot -who was its only occupant- was uninjured.  

Finally, the El Dorado airport in Bogotá was also the scene of an air incident, after an Aerocommander (AC90) aircraft, registration HK 4966,  which had left Bogotá for Arauca, returned to the air terminal and made an emergency landing. .  

The first information indicated that at the time of landing the aircraft left the runway  and was assisted by the Fire Extinguishing Service and, as in the other two cases, its four occupants were unharmed. 

Given these three cases, it was reported that personnel from the Civil Aeronautics Accident Investigation Directorate traveled to the areas of the incidents to establish the causes that caused them.