An American Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing Tuesday in Miami after the pilots reported damage to one of the tires on the aircraft.

According to, American Airlines Flight 2370 departed from Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston, Jamaica, with 172 passengers and six crew members onboard when the incident occurred.

After circling Miami International Airport to let ground crews examine the tire, the Boeing 737 was cleared to land. While the pilot was able to bring the aircraft down safely, the tire blew out upon landing on Runway 9.

There were no injuries reported among the passengers and the crew members, and everyone was safely deplaned after the aircraft was towed to the gate with the help of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue team.

One of the passengers onboard, Deirdre Harris, said passengers remained calm and the pilot had kept them informed.

“It was a fabulous landing. It was really smooth and soft,” Harris said. “Everything was professional. I have to say kudos to that pilot. Very, very, very well done.”