June 2018

Dear ARFF Working Group Member

The ARFF Working Group (ARFFWG) is assisting Michael Nolan who is a member in good standing and retired Aircraft Firefighter Instructor with the US Navy and seeking information for a project in hopes of increasing staffing in ARFF.

We request you complete the survey in order to provide necessary information to him on staffing for his research paper. The research data that is collected and analyzed will be shared with the ARFFWG.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes of your time, and is completely voluntary. Your response and time is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Cut and paste the following into an Email addressed to:


Don’t forget to add your answers to the following questions.

On the airport, during air carrier operations;

  1. How many ARFF staff are on duty per shift?
  2. How many ARFF trucks are provided at the airport?
  3. How many ARFF fire trucks are manned for an aircraft emergency?
  4. What positions are manned on each ARFF fire truck responding to an aircraft emergency?
  5. How many designated rescue personnel are assigend per shift who actually mitigate aircraft cabin fires and extricate passengers in the event of an aircraft crash (not to be interpreted as all shift personnel are rescue qualified in an emergency response.)?
  6. How many EMT or Paramedic personnel are on duty per shift?

What is the off-airport mutual aid response time to the airport?

If you have any further questions please Email Mike at  michaelnolan688@yahoo.com

Thank you for your time, Michael Nolan Sr – Retired Aircraft Firefighter and Aircraft Firefighting Instructor