By Simon Hradecky

An Air Baltic Bombardier C-Series CS-300, registration YL-CSE performing flight BT-102 from Stockholm (Sweden) to Riga (Latvia) with 44 people on board, landed on Riga’s runway 36 at about 11:55L (09:55Z) when the crew reported they were at the right hand side of the runway about 1700 meters/5600 feet down the runway occupying the runway after they went off the runway while attempting to vacate the runway via a taxiway and became stuck in snow almost perpendicular to the runway. The passengers disembarked via stairs at the left aft main door onto the runway.

The airport confirmed an aviation incident occurred at Riga Airport when the aircraft veered off the taxiway due to poor visibility, the runway needed to be closed.

Related NOTAM:

A2084/21 NOTAMN

Q) EVRR/QMRLC/IV/NBO/A /000/999/5655N02358E005

A) EVRA B) 2112031011 C) 2112031300

E) RWY 18/36 CLSD.


EVRA 031120Z 27006KT 240V310 1200 0800 R36/1000U SN SCT004 OVC007 M02/M03 Q0994 RESN NOSIG=

EVRA 031050Z 27007KT 230V320 0750 0700 R36/1400U +SN SCT003 OVC006 M02/M03 Q0993 TEMPO OVC005=

EVRA 031020Z 28006KT 220V350 0750 0500 R36/1300U +SN BKN005 OVC010 M02/M03 Q0993 TEMPO 2000 SN=

EVRA 030950Z 28004KT 210V340 0750 0650 R36/1300N +SN BKN005 OVC009 M02/M03 Q0993 TEMPO 2000 SN=

EVRA 030920Z 27007KT 230V310 1200 1000 R36/1400D SN BKN005 OVC012 M02/M03 Q0992 TEMPO 0700 +SN=

EVRA 030850Z 28006KT 230V330 1000 0900 R36/1000U SN BKN005 OVC010 M02/M03 Q0992 RESN TEMPO 3000 -SN=

EVRA 030820Z 28006KT 230V330 1100 0900 R36/1200D SN BKN005 OVC011 M02/M03 Q0991 REFZDZ TEMPO 0700=

EVRA 030750Z 28006KT 240V330 5000 2200 -FZDZ BR BKN005 OVC009 M02/M02 Q0991 RESN NOSIG=

EVRA 030720Z 29009KT 240V330 1800 1300 R36/P2000N SN BKN004 OVC010 M02/M02 Q0990 TEMPO BKN005=

EVRA 030650Z 30007G18KT 250V340 2100 SN OVC004 M01/M01 Q0989 TEMPO BKN005=

EVRA 030620Z 31007KT 260V340 2300 SN BKN004 OVC013 M01/M01 Q0989 TEMPO BKN005=

EVRA 030550Z 32007KT 280V350 2800 SN BKN005 OVC011 M01/M01 Q0988 NOSIG=