by Logan Reigstad

MADISON, Wis. — A U.S. Navy Blue Angels plane made an emergency landing at the Dane County Regional Airport Tuesday due to a reported hydraulic issue, an airport spokesperson confirmed Wednesday.

The pilot of the F-18 reported the hydraulic issue to air traffic control and requested to land at the airport, Michael Riechers, the airport’s director of marketing and communications, said. The pilot requested emergency vehicles be on standby and also requested arresting cables — which help stop an airplane that can’t stop before the end of the runway — be deployed.

The F-18 landed and came to rest at the intersection of two runways, temporarily closing them. One runway was closed for 35 minutes and another was closed for 45 minutes, Riechers said.

No major delays occurred during that time, and the airport’s third runway remained open the whole time, he added.

No injuries were reported.