By Emily Crane

A mass evacuation unfolded at Boston’s Logan International Airport on Sunday after a suspicious item was discovered in an X-ray machine — but it turned out to just be an old PlayStation.

Transportation Security Administration agents raised the alarm when they were screening luggage for a Delta flight in the afternoon, Massachusetts State Police told Mass Live.

Footage posted on Twitter showed hundreds of passengers being evacuated from Terminal A after the bomb squad was called in to investigate and sweep the area.

“Troopers responded and, after investigation and research, determined that the item was a PlayStation video game console with a degraded condition caused by age or damage,” police said.

Cops said the damage to the PlayStation caused “abnormalities” when the console went through the X-ray machine.

Passengers and police crowded the sidewalk outside the terminal as the bomb squad investigated, according to videos on social media.

“I had a 6 p.m. flight and I was just getting to the airport. When I got out of the car, a bunch of people ran out screaming, so I got back in the car. I didn’t hear what they were screaming about,” Pam Lovano told WCVB.

“Then we drove around the terminals again. By the time we got back, Terminal A had been closed by the cops and I could see the people standing outside.”

Some passengers said they were even asked to get off their plane amid the probe.

Passengers were eventually allowed to re-enter the terminal at about 5 p.m. when authorities gave the all-clear.