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Have you seen the data from the IAFC COVID-19 Financial Impact Survey*?

==U.S. FD’s are estimated to suffer a $16.9 Billion shortfall in budget revenue in FY 2021: 
– Career (all paid firefighters) Fire Departments $11.0 Billion
– Combination (paid & volunteer firefighters) Fire Departments $  4.9 Billion
– Volunteer (all volunteer firefighters) $  1.0 Billion

==U.S. FD’s ….

=serving urban areas reported budget losses of up to $180 million in FY 2020, and a projected loss of $240 million in FY 2021. On average, fire departments serving urban areas expect an $8 million loss in budget revenue.
==who pay firefighters and paramedics (career and combination paid/volunteer fire departments) reported 935 personnel laid off since the COVID-19 Pandemic appeared in the United States.
==are estimated to lose 29,925 career (paid) fire department personnel in the next 12 months .  The estimated cost to save these jobs is $2.3 Billion per year or $6.9 Billion over 3 years .

Undoubtedly these are tough times, and often driven by emotions. And that is why facts are so critical right now-especially as firefighters, officers, chiefs and labor leaders may be called to task on “saving” money and making cuts.

Better understanding Firefighter injuries is critical for reducing the physical and economic impact they have. And a better understanding how (or why) injuries occur—often times due to lapses in training, policy, leadership and staffing—can lead to a clearer understanding of why departments cannot afford cuts.

==TOday, TUESDAY MAY 12, 2020-1300  HOURS EASTERN, 1000 PACIFIC


Join Lexipol and the below panel of some wonderful folks who are noted fire service data experts, for insight into what they know about firefighter injuries, how you can collect information to better understand the problem, and how you can use policies, solid practices and the facts to reduce firefighter injuries. And costs. 


=Lori Moore-Merrell, DrPH, MPH, President & CEO, International Public Safety Data Institute  

=Jennifer A. Taylor, PhD, Director, Center for Firefighter Injury Research and Safety Trends (FIRST), Drexel University School of Public Health

=Amanda Kimball, Executive Director, Fire Protection, Research Foundation

You’ll Learn:

=Key statistics about the rate, type and costs of firefighter injuries and exposures. 

=Actions local fire service leaders can take to improve firefighter injury and exposure data collection.
=2 assessment tools local leaders can use to gain an objective look at their risk for firefighter injuries.
=Specific fire department policies that can help reduce firefighter injuries and associated costs.

As so many departments are getting ready to face some huge fiscal challenges, join Lori, Jennifer and Amanda for a powerful discussion and insight on how facts (not emotion) can lead to a better understanding of the costs-cost reduction and savings related to Firefighter injuries.

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