The evacuation was quick but quirky.

Travelers at St. Louis Lambert International Airport were forced to evacuate into the chilly night Tuesday after a bagel got a little too toasty.

Airport officials evacuated Terminal 2 of the St. Louis airport because an employee burned a bagel at a restaurant in the terminal about 6 p.m., according to local news station KMOV.

Travelers had to wait outside in 11-degree cold, but they were kept there for less than 10 minutes. When the evacuation was lifted, travelers had to go through security checkpoints a second time, according to Jacob Long, a Boston-based news anchor who was at the airport.

Long said there were “hundreds” of travelers walking on the tarmac beneath jet bridges as they were evacuated. In a series of tweets, Long said that many people and airport officials were confused about what was going on.

“We’re all outside in the freezing cold walking under the jet bridges,” Long tweeted. “No idea where we are going or why. Hundreds of passengers.”

Long was amused when he learned why the airport was evacuated.