The aircraft was engaged in extinguishing a fire

By Mario Previtera

A Canadian fire brigade crashed during a fire extinguishing service in the Linguaglossa area. Two victims of the terrible accident: they would be the two people who were on board. According to the first information, provided by the General Command of the Fire Brigade, the aircraft crashed due to the “hull impact against the mountain coast” and once it hit the ground it exploded.

The crashed vehicle is the Canadair 28 and was engaged in extinguishing a fire on Mount Calcinera. The canadair, who had departed from Lamezia Terme, shortly before had carried out a supply of water in the sea, in Giarre.

The firefighters of Linguaglossa, including a team of experts Speleo Alpine fluviale (Saf) and an AW 139 “Drago 146” helicopter flying over the area of ​​the crash. “There were several explosions after the canadair fell. The plane is destroyed and the firefighters are looking for the two pilots ». This is what Salvatore Cocina, director of regional civil protection says about the fire that involved a Canadair in the Catania area. «We immediately notified the President of the Region Renato Schifani about what happened. The president is closely following what happened on the slopes of Etna – adds Cocina -. The two pilots are from the Babcock company which provides the Canadianair service in Italy ». On May 1 of this year, the contract with the Babcock MCS Italia company was renewed by the Ministry of the Interior until December 31, 2024. The company, as stated on its website, is a leader in air emergency medical services (Ems), fire prevention air and air oil and gas (O & g) operations. It is present in our country with 48 bases. Babcock has been providing aerial firefighting services for over 35 years, operating in Europe and Canada with over 500 highly qualified professionals. 

“I am sorry and very sorry for the two victims of the Linguaglossa accident. My teams saw the Canadair fall, then the smoke”, continues Cocina. “The civil protection teams are in place, but the place is very steep.