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Dhaka, November 18: It was a close shave for a Novoair flight (VQ 967) as the front wheel burst while landing at Saidpur Airport. All flight operations were suspended at the airport.

The Novoair flight took off from Dhaka on Wednesday and landed on the Saidpur Airport runway at 6.50 pm when the front wheel exploded. At this point the flight stopped on the runway.

The flight was landing with 67 passengers bound for Saidpur. Shortly after the incident, a Bangladesh Biman flight that was scheduled to land there, landed at Dhaka International Airport with its passengers. On the other hand, a flight of US-Bangla Airlines did not take off from Dhaka as the runway was closed. 

A passenger on the plane said, “The Novoair Airlines flight started its journey from Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal Airport to Saidpur at about 6:05 pm. At 6:52 pm., while landing at Saidpur Airport, the front wheel of the plane suddenly burst on the runway. This frightened the passengers inside the plane. Later, another passenger and me got out through the emergency point. Later one by one the other passengers also deboarded. Many passengers sustained knee and waist injuries. I myself have injured my back. A team from the fire service later arrived at the scene and took the passengers safely.

Another passenger said, “I was saved from a big danger. I was terrified. Mechanical issues should have been well looked into before the flight resumed. Many people survived a disaster.”

Saidpur Airport Station Manager Suplab Kumar Ghosh said the passengers were safe and they had left the airport. Work is underway to reactivate the closed runway.