By Simon Hradecky, created Tuesday, Aug 13th 2019 19:58Z, last updated Tuesday, Aug 13th 2019 20:13Z

A Condor Boeing 757-300, registration D-ABOE performing flight DE-1508 from Munich (Germany) to Palma Mallorca,SP (Spain), departed Munich’s runway 26L and was enroute to Mallorca when the crew was informed tyre debris had been found on the departure runway. The crew continued the flight to Palma Mallorca, where the aircraft landed on runway 06L about 2 hours later, but burst another tyre. The aircraft came to a stop on the runway with two left main tyres damaged.

A passenger reported the crew announced in flight that tyre debris had been found on the departure runway in Munich, it was unclear whether the debris originated from their aircraft. As a precaution flight attendants prepared the passengers for problems during landing. In fact, upon arrival at Palma Mallorca a tyre burst. The aircraft stopped on the runway, the passengers disembarked via stairs and were bussed to the terminal.

The closed runway prompted ATC to request minimum clean speed from any aircraft bound for Mallorca as far out as Barcelona,SP (Spain). Nonetheless the holds at Mallorca became very busy. About 2 hours after the B753 had landed, runway 06L became available again.

Another aircraft also suffered tyre damage on departure from Munich’s runway 26L a few minutes later, the runway was consequently closed, see Incident: TUIFly B738 at Munich and Corfu on Aug 13th 2019, tyre damage on departure.

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Q) EDMM/QMRLC/IV/NBO/A /000/999/4821N01147E005
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The damaged tyres (Photo: J. Morillas)