By Simon Hradecky

A Delta Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration N354NB performing flight DL-605 from Mexico City (Mexico) to Minneapolis,MN (USA) with 101 people on board, was accelerating for takeoff from Mexico City’s runway 05L when the crew rejected takeoff at about 100 knots over ground due to an engine (CFM56) failure. The aircraft veered to the right, the right hand main gear and the nose gear went beyond the runway edge. The aircraft came to a stop about about 1200 meters/3700 feet down the runway. Both right hand main gear tyres received damage (punctures).

The flight was cancelled.

The aircraft is still on the ground in Mexico City about 11.5 hours after the rejected takeoff.


MMMX 152356Z 18008KT 8SM SCT020CB BKN080 19/03 A3027 NOSIG RMK SLP109 57002 955 8/360 HZY DSNT PCPN N E W=

MMMX 152247Z 18011KT 7SM BKN020TCU BKN080 20/04 A3027 NOSIG RMK 8/230 HZY=

MMMX 152141Z 18011KT 7SM BKN020TCU BKN080 21/04 A3026 NOSIG RMK 8/230 HZY=

MMMX 152055Z 08006KT 7SM SCT020 22/02 A3028 NOSIG RMK SLP099 57037 901 8/200 HZY DSNT TCU E SE S=

MMMX 151945Z 34003KT 7SM SCT020 22/02 A3033 NOSIG RMK 8/200 HZY=

MMMX 151920Z 36004KT 6SM SCT020 22/02 A3035 NOSIG RMK 8/200 HZY=

MMMX 151856Z 30004KT 6SM FEW020 19/03 A3037 NOSIG RMK 8/200 HZY=

MMMX 151742Z 12003KT 6SM FEW020 18/05 A3041 NOSIG RMK SLP155 57003 908 8/200 HZY=