With so much going on, specifically the horrible storms causing so much of the damage and death that we have seen in Texas, Louisiana – and now the Islands, Puerto Rico and Florida – our best thoughts and prayers go out to anyone and everyone who is impacted.

As those folks and those assisting them must continue to deal with the devastation, and while we all should and will do whatever we can to support them….please take time tomorrow to avoid distraction. The rest of us cannot be distracted from the fact that it is-once again-9/11. 9/11 killed and continues to kill nearly everyday and must never be forgotten.

Continues to kill: Nearly 6,000 people directly related to 9/11 are fighting cancer today. 

Today is 9/11/2017 and while so much can be, will be and has been said about this 16th year, please keep those who are still suffering from the murders and attempted murders of 9/11 in your hearts and prayers. The 9/11 murders continue. Never forget?

We cannot and will not forget any aspect of 9/11/01.


HERE IS A VIDEO that hasn’t been viewed as much as perhaps it should…it highlights just one of so many who gave their lives while trying to save others.

FDNY Battalion Chief Orio Palmer… a video provided by his son:

Please keep those who continue to suffer medically and emotionally-and those who work to help them, in your prayers and ceremonies tomorrow, 9/11/2017.
Take Care. Be Careful. Pass It On.
The Secret List 9/10/2017 1930 Hours