Dear Airport Industry Colleague,

We are writing to make you aware the Department of Defense (DoD) has posted its notice for availability of documents regarding the proposed draft military specification (MILSPEC) for fluorine-free firefighting foam on (Notice N0002422SN0169). This document is separately undergoing a technical stakeholder review, as prescribed by normal DoD MILSPEC coordination policies.

The release of this draft document is a significant step in the process for meeting the deadline of publishing a new fluorine-free firefighting foam MILSPEC by January 31, 2023, as required by the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act. The FAA has been working with the DoD for several years doing testing and research to find an alternative firefighting agent to the current aqueous film-forming foams. The FAA intends to adopt this specification for civil airports once it is published. 

The post will not contain a link to the MILSPEC draft; rather interested parties will be able to request a copy of the draft document by sending an email to the Navy office, as described on

If you have any questions on the draft release, please contact Marc Tonnacliff at


John R. Dermody, P.E.
Director, Airport Safety and Standards