On Friday evening, the take-off of an Edelweiss plane at Zurich Airport had to be aborted. 

On Friday evening, the take-off of an Edelweiss plane to Faro in Portugal had to be canceled in Zurich. The plane drove normally to the runway and then accelerated. “But suddenly the plane started shaking back and forth,” is how a passenger describes the situation to “Blick”. The pilot then made an emergency stop and “everything flew through the cabin.” Then a tire burst.

The crew calmed the passengers down and the plane left the runway. The passengers then had to leave the plane. According to the reader, they were asked to rebook on another flight. 

Edelweiss spokesman Andreas Meier confirmed the incident to “Blick”. “The plane exhibited unusual behavior on the runway,” said Meier. The pilot then decided to abort the takeoff. The tire burst when the driver braked hard.