By Staff

A Condor plane had to make an emergency landing on the tarmac of the SSR airport in Plaisance on Thursday morning. The aircraft passed through a turbulent zone in the airspace of the Seychelles, according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s office. This is what caused the emergency landing.

The emergency landing for Condor flight De 2314 from frankfurt at 06 40 hours with on board 270 pax following a turbulence in the vicinity of Madagascar, information was first given by ATC only a few minutes before landing.

The authorities reported 17 injuries, two of them serious. The police, the ambulance service and the airport medical service were mobilised to assist the 270 passengers on board the plane from Frankfurt, Germany. Mauritians were on board the aircraft.

On the other hand, Airport Traffic Control was informed of the emergency landing only a few minutes before it landed on the Plaisance tarmac.

Airport police is following up the evacuation of the casualties .2 injured are being evacuated by SAMU and others are receiving treatment by medical team please.

A psychological support unit set up by the Ministry of Health

Following the emergency landing of a Condor plane at the airport this morning, a psychological support unit has been set up by the Ministry of Health. It is open to all passengers of Condor flight DE-23140 from Frankfurt to Mauritius. Those concerned can call 57 72 86 84. This is what the Prime Minister’s office said on Thursday in a statement. It explained that the plane encountered an area of turbulence while flying over Seychelles airspace this morning. It landed safely at Plaisance airport.