It is unclear how damaged the private jet is.


Operations at Munich Airport (MUC) have resumed after being grounded on Saturday due to a severe winter storm that brought heavy snow across southern Germany and portions of Austria, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Video on social media captured how intense the storm was, showing a Cessna Citation X that had tipped back due to the weight of the snow.

Hundreds of flights were affected as more than 16 inches of snow reportedly fell overnight Friday into Saturday. Although some flights have resumed, MUC still encouraged some travelers with canceled itineraries to “not come to the airport.”

Frozen to the ground

The now-viral video with more than 854,000 views shows a landscape of white, with the private jet’s nose tipped up and tail striking the ground.

First responders are seen attending to the plane while snow continues to fall. According to multiple reports, the aircraft had been frozen to the ground due to the extreme conditions, but it is unclear how much damage the jet has sustained.

About the aircraft

Status-6, a military and conflict news source, identified the jet as a Cessna Citation X registered as OE-HUB. The 16-year-old plane is operated by business aviation company Bairline Fluggesellschaft and is based at MUC, according to Central Jets.

The last flight the aircraft flew was on November 15 from Antwerp, Belgium, to MUC, data indicates. The jet was reportedly scheduled to operate from MUC to Lomé, Togo, on November 20, but it was canceled for an unknown reason. According to Bairline Fluggesellschaft, OE-HUB was refurbished in February 2022, receiving a new exterior paint and interior. The private jet can reportedly accommodate up to nine passengers.

“Many flights are still canceled”

Operations resumed at 6:00 on Sunday as the weather conditions improved, but restrictions were still in place for the remaindr of the day.

“Even though flight operations are up and running again, there are still severe restrictions in air traffic. The flight schedule has been greatly reduced due to the airlines’ cancellations. We therefore recommend you, if you are flying today or tomorrow to check the status of your flight with your airline or contact the airline directly before arriving at the airport. It is not yet possible to predict how the situation will develop in the coming days.”

Lufthansa experienced numerous flight disruptions but said it was working hard to restart operations at the airport on Sunday. The airline, which operates a hub at MUC, confirmed on Sunday morning that “many flights are still canceled.” MUC warned travelers with canceled Lufthansa flights to avoid going to the airport.

According to FlightAware, the German carrier had four delayed flights while 256 were canceled on Saturday, the most of any other carrier at MUC. Flight disruptions were less on Sunday, with 21 delays and 169 cancelations as of 15:30 GMT.

MUC also confirmed that the Christmas and winter market would remain closed on Sunday, and all airport tours were canceled. Sunshine filled the sky Sunday afternoon, but temperatures were still below freezing. A severe frost warning is in effect for the region from 18:00 on Sunday to 10:00 on Monday, according to AccuWeather.,to%20come%20to%20the%20airport.