Report said plane went down near Cannons Campground Road


An experimental aircraft crashed Monday afternoon in Spartanburg County.

The aircraft crashed just after 3 p.m. in a housing development construction site on Cannons Campground Road, according to a Spartanburg County deputy at the scene.

Deputies said the pilot declared an emergency on FAA frequencies.

First responders to the scene found a man walking around outside of the aircraft.

The man was identified as the pilot, Teddy Houser.

Houser said he was flying into Spartanburg Downtown Airport from Lincolnton, North Carolina. He notes it’s about a 45-50 mile trip.

“The engine lost power as I was about 3 miles from the airport, looking right at the runway, I obviously couldn’t make it,” said Houser.

He selected a large area that had been graded for construction since it was free of any buildings and trees, deputies said.

“Everything else around here was houses, of course, the school close by,” Houser said.

The aircraft came to rest upside-down but Mr. Houser was able to walk away from the crash with just a few minor scrapes.

“I thank the good Lord that I’m fine, yeah, he was obviously with me,” said Houser.

He was checked out by EMS and refused any further medical assistance, according to deputies.

Information was provided to the Federal Aviation Administration and deputies were informed that FAA officials would not be responding to the scene.

The pilot was the only person aboard the aircraft.