By Richard Hartley-Parkinson

Five people were injured when their aeroplane suffered such severe turbulence it was forced to make an emergency landing. They were on a flight from Santa Ana, California, to Seattle, Washington, when things started getting bumpy at 34,000ft. A passenger on board said that the plane nosedived twice and pictures from the cabin show the chaotic aftermath.

Three people had to be taken to hospital when they landed at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Nevada, to be treated for their injuries on the Delta Airlines flight 5763. The cabin crew have been praised for their handling of the situation as video emerged of people looking dazed by what had happened. One woman had bruising to her elbow and had a napkin pressed against her head, which was bleeding. Passenger Dave Macias said: I’ve been on a lot of flights over the last year and a half and this was by far the wildest flight I’ve ever been on. ‘Thanks @delta and @#renoairport for making the best out of a horrible situation and getting us squared away as quick as possible.’

Passengers were given pizza and drinks while they waited for another flight. Reno-Tahoe spokesman Brian Kulpin said: ‘There were people who were shaken up, understandably.’ The airline said: ‘We apologize for this experience as we get customers to Seattle’.