The plane, which had left Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, turned back almost immediately because smoke was detected in the plane after take-off.

Päivyt Tallqvist, Finnair’s Director of Communications, tells MTV News that the flight from Helsinki to Bangkok at half past five had to return to the airport shortly after take-off due to a smoke observation. 

Ville Peltokoski , a passenger in the plane  , says that according to his estimate, the flight took only 13 minutes. 

– As soon as we got up, there was a lot of steam or smoke coming into the cabin, after which it was announced that the plane would return to Helsinki due to a technical fault.

Peltokoski and his friends were on their way from Oulu to Thailand for a three-week vacation. 

Data from the Flightradar website shows that the plane actually only made about a quarter of a round in the air in the metropolitan area and returned. 

The rescue service has inspected the plane and the passengers have already returned to the scene. Next, the machine goes for inspection.

– Passengers will be re-routed when a new flight is found. Those who live in the metropolitan area will return to their homes to wait and accommodation will be provided for other passengers as needed, Tallqvist says.

The Director of Communications regrets the situation, but points out that air transport is naturally ahead of safety.